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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Q & A -- Sunday Guardian, 13 Nov 2011

I would like to look like my mother

Q. On a clear day, when the sun is out, who do you see when you look at your reflection in the mirror?
A. I see my dear old friend Rakhshanda Jalil in the mirror; she's been a good friend.
Q. What do you loathe in the reflection? What do you love and what do you fear?
A. There is nothing that I dislike or fear in particular about my reflection.
Q. Which facial feature do you consider your most attractive? Why?
A. My favourite feature would have be my squint. Someone once told me that my squint gives me a faraway look and I quite like the idea of that..
Q. If age has changed the way you look, what do you miss the most, if anything at all?
A. I miss the suppleness in my walk; I used to walk differently when I was younger. I guess you could say that I miss the spring in my step.
Q. In the last year, have you ever wished you looked different? If yes, when?
A. Yes, especially whenever I go to my children's school for parent-teacher sessions. Mothers nowadays seem to be getting younger by the day.
Q. Who would you most like to look like?
A. My mother, I think she's ageing very well. Age hasn't dimmed her curiosity or the sparkle in her eyes. She has this gleam in her eyes that makes her look much younger and she is very curious about the world around her.

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